Species Plans

Species Action Plans

This page contains the Species Action Plans for the NM BAP. Each action plan contains information regarding current status, threats, and objectives for their conservation.

Each action plan contains the following information:

  • Current Status
  • Current factors causing loss or decline
  • Current Action
  • Key Habitats
  • SMART targets
  • Proposed actions
  • Links to other action plans

The 2008 NM BAP review

The North Merseyside Biodiversity Action Plan was published in September 2001. In accordance with national strategy, a review of our Species and Habitat Action Plans was undertaken for 2008. The major requirement of the review was to ensure that targets of the HAPs and SAPs were ‘SMARTened’ (see below), but we also reviewed and updated other sections of the HAPs and SAPs at the same time.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. A review of UK BAP targets undertaken in 2006 concentrated on ensuring that all national targets were SMARTened. In line with the 2006 national review, the 2008 North Merseyside reviewed introduce a more explicitly quantitative element to SMARTened targets.



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