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Habitat Action Plan: Ponds

1 Current status 1.1 National Ponds were originally included in the NM BAP as a ‘local’ habitat, but the 2007 national priority list review added Ponds as a full UK BAP priority habitat. UK BAP Priority Habitat ponds are defined as permanent and seasonal standing water bodies up to 2ha in extent which meet one… Read More »

Habitat Action Plan: Reedbeds

1 Current status 1.1 National Reedbeds are wetlands dominated by stands of Common Reed Phragmites australis, where the water table is above ground level for most of the year. Reedbeds often include areas of open water and ditches. Small areas of wet grassland and carr woodland may also be associated with them. Reedbeds occur in… Read More »

Habitat Action Plan: Saltmarsh

1 Current status 1.1 National Coastal saltmarshes comprise the upper, vegetated portions of intertidal mudflats. Saltmarshes are usually restricted to comparatively sheltered locations in estuaries, saline lagoons, behind barrier islands, at the heads of sea lochs and on beach plains. The development of saltmarsh is dependent on the presence of intertidal mudflats. Saltmarsh vegetation consists… Read More »