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North Merseyside Biodiversity Action Plan: Purple Ramping-fumitory

1 Current status 1.1 National Purple Ramping-fumitory is a nationally scarce, endemic annual plant which used to be widespread in the mixed farming and arable areas of Britain. However, during the last 50 years it has undergone a drastic decline throughout its former range due to agricultural intensification. Recent records of the plant are mainly… Read More »

North Merseyside Biodiversity Action Plan: Stonewort

1 Current status 1.1 National Stoneworts are large algae mostly associated with freshwater bodies ranging in size from deep lakes and canals to small ephemeral ponds. Most species require calcareous, low-nutrient conditions. They are, therefore, fairly restricted in distribution, being largely confined to high water quality habitats on sand, peat or clay substrates. Lesser Bearded… Read More »

Habitat Action Plan: Urban Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure (GI) is defined in the North West Green Infrastructure Guide (GRITT 2007) thus: “Green infrastructure is the region’s life support system – the network of natural environmental components and green and blue spaces that lies within and between the north west’s cities, towns and villages and provides multiple social, economic and environmental benefits.”… Read More »

Habitat Action Plan: Canals

1 Current status 1.1 National There are over 2,000 miles of canals and inland waterways in Britain. In their heyday there were more than 5,000 miles of canal. The canals and inland waterways are in various states of repair with approximately 60% still operational, i.e. in use by boats. British Waterways among others is an… Read More »